Bikinians in the Arts, “To Be or Not to Be?”

Garrick Kelen led 3 other Bikinians in the MIHS production of Hamlet

Last week Bikinian Garrick Kelen starred in the difficult and challenging role of “Hamlet” at MIHS. Hundreds of people watched the play over the course of 5 days. Also in the play were Bikinians Ronald Laiso, Neilson Aneo, and Maria John.  The entire Shakespearean play of Hamlet was translated by Bikinian Mayor Alson Kelen.

Bikini Liaison Jack Niedenthal (with camera) and Bikinian Billma Melson (lower right) on the cover of the 4-2-10 Marshall Islands Journal.

Also, the movie Yokwe Bartowe, produced, directed, and written by Bikini Liaison Jack Niedenthal, starred 13 Bikinians: Billma Melson, Lucus Niedenthal, Jamore Melson, Magdalene Johnson, Sweeton Laiso, Hesa Note, Max Niedenthal, Jobi Lewis, Krista Kramer, and Jack himself.  Lulani Ritok, Mattu Lejenna, and Regina Niedenthal also sang songs for the film.  The Movie was recently named as an “Official Selection” to the highly respected Big Island Film Festival. The movie will be the second feature on Friday, May 14, 7:30 PM at the Shops at Mauna Lani Resort.  The showing is free to the public.


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