Yacht Club Visits Ejit Island

Ejit Teacher Connie Joel, Ejit Teacher Kiersten Hallquist, and Linda Keigher

The importance of cleaning your teeth and eating the right food were the big topics of the day last Tuesday at Ejit Elementary as a group of Mieco Beach Yacht Club members visited the school and gave the students lots of healthy tips and new toothbrushes.

Rhonda Mancini from the yacht Swan, Coco Quinn (aged 10) from Cocokai, and Linda Keigher from Hawkeye were invited to visit the Ejit School by Dartmouth teacher Kiersten Hallquist.

Rhonda spoke on the correct methods of brushing and flossing, using a set of teeth borrowed from the newest dentist in town Dr. Ricardo Ramos of General Dentistry.

Next up, Coco spoke about what it’s like to be a “cruising kid” living on a boat and being home schooled by her mom.  She showed the children on a globe her family’s path from California to Mexico, Central America, South America and then across the Pacific Ocean to the Marshall Islands. The children had lots of questions and Coco had all the answers.

After a recess break, Linda showed the children the ancient form of card weaving and each student was given the opportunity to make a friendship bracelet.

Far too quickly the time was up and the visitors had to head for the boat back to Rita.  There were lots of komol tatas, hugs and promises to return maybe with a boat so that the students can get a better idea as to what it is like


~ by bikinijack on April 4, 2010.

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