Kili Island Gets Hit by Wave at High Tide

Kili Island in the Marshall Islands was hit by a wave during a high tide on January 21, 2011. Kili, a single island in the North Pacific Ocean, has been the home of the nuclear refugees from Bikini Atoll since 1948. Bikini was used by the United States for nuclear testing from 1946-58. 23 nuclear and thermonuclear weapons were tested on Bikini rendering those islands uninhabitable.

No one was hurt during the January flood, but some houses and public buildings were damaged. On Friday, February 11, 2011, Bikini Atoll Mayor Alson Kelen and Bikini Atoll Senator Tomaki Juda accompanied a delegation comprised of a USAID official from the US Embassy, an official from the RMI EPA, an engineer from the Ministry of Public Works, and an oceanographer from the College of the Marshall Islands to assess the situation.

Flood waters near the airport on Kili Island.

Flood waters surround Kili Island Elementary School.

Flood waters surround truck by the Kili Island Airport.

Flood waters surround house by the Kili Island Airport.

Inside of house on Kili Island the day of the flood.


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