Bikini Atoll Mayor Alson Kelen Attends Bikini Day Forum in Yaizu City, Japan

By Giff Johnson, Marshall Islands Journal

Kili/Bikini/Ejit Mayor Alson Kelen gave Bikini and the Marshall Islands high visitbility at Bikini Day Forum in Yaizu City, Japan earlier this week. Yaizu was homeport for the “Lucky Dragon” fishing vessel that was exposed to high-level radioactive fallout from the Bravo hydrogen bomb test at Bikini on March 1, 1954. Kelen met with many of the Lucky Dragon survivors who were affected by Bravo. “I was a panelist in a youth workshop along with victims from the Lucky Dragon and other boats,” Kelen told the Journal. He met with the vice mayor and the council of Miura City and the mayor of Yaizu City about possible sister city relationships. The Yaizu City mayor is planning to visit Majuro in May, and bringing with him a large media group including television and newspaper news crews. Kelen said Japan’s major network, NHK TV, interviewed him and officials from the network said they aim to come to Majuro this summer. “I was very impressed with the Bikini Day Forum and rally here,” he said. “Many people came from all over Japan, as well as from the US, Australia, and South Korea. During the march, which was probably three miles long, there were many old people actually walking, lots of them were in their late 60s and 70s.”


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