Announcement: KBE Constitutional Referendum in November of 2011

Below are Specimen ballots for the upcoming November 2011 election.  You will notice at the bottom of the ballots there is the following language regarding our Constitutional referendum:

Ilo S. Ct. Appeal No. 2010-001, Supreme Court eo an Marshall Islands ear ebebe im drepdrep wot im jab kommane jemlok eo an ilo an kotlok bwe armij in Bikini (“K/B/E”) ren kelet Jemen E eo aer ekaal ilo juon referendum eo enaj komman ilo November 2011.  Jemen E eo im armij in Bikini rar mour iumin ejanin kar weppen jen kajojo armij in Bikini im ear bareinwot wor jet idaaptok ko ilowan.

( ) Aet, elane kwoj erra ilo Jemen E in.

( ) Jab, elane kwojjab erra ilo Jemen E in.

In S. Ct. Appeal No. 2010-001, the Marshall Islands Supreme Court held the appeal in abeyance to allow the people of Bikini (“K/B/E”) to approve of a new Constitution at a referendum to be held in November 2011. The Constitution under which the people of Bikini were operating had never been approved by the people of Bikini and had several conflicting provisions.

( ) Yes, indicates a voter’s approval of the proposed Constitution.

( ) No, indicates a voter’s disapproval of the proposed Constitution.

Copies of the KBE Constitutions in both English and Marshallese and the Ejit and Kili election ballots can be picked up at the Bikini Atoll Town Hall, or they can be downloaded at this link or downloaded in PDF from the links below:

If there are any questions please email Jack Niedenthal at


KBE Proposed Constitution in Marshallese for November 2011 referendum 

KBE Proposed Constitution in English for November 2011 referendum

KBE ballot for Kili Island for November 2011 election

KBE ballot for Ejit Island for November  2011 election


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