People of Bikini receive 1000 colorful paper cranes from Japanese peace group

Mayor Alson Kelen (left) and members of the Bikinian community with the boxes of paper cranes from Japan

The people of Bikini have received 1,000 beautiful colored paper cranes from the Japanese peace group, the 2011 Committee of The Great Peace March of Ehime Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs.  It is said that the one thousand paper cranes represent long life. The group has sent over 3 million cranes to 61 groups in 29 countries.  Their desire is for these groups to use the paper cranes for anti-nuclear purposes.  Mayor Kelen pledged to use these cranes during the Bikini Day celebrations in March of 2012 on Kili Island.


~ by bikinijack on September 27, 2011.

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