New KBE Mayor Nishma Jamore and Local Government Council Members Take Oath of Office

Mayor and KBE Council members preparing for the swearing in ceremony

On January 23rd, 2012:  The Kili/Bikini/Ejit Local Government Mayor and Council were officially sworn in to begin public service to the people of Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.  The elections were held in November of 2011.  The ceremony was well attended, including the newly elected President of the Marshall Islands, Christopher Loeak, many government ministers, senators and ambassadors and other dignitaries.  The ceremony was held at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Majuro, Marshall Islands and began at 3 PM and lasted well into the night with a celebration honoring the newly elected leaders.  Chief Justice Carl B. Ingram administered the oaths of office to the Mayor and the Council.

The following are the Bikinians who will now hold the positions of Mayor and Council:

Nishma Jamore


Alap (traditional leaders)

Season Leviticus
Ricky Jamore
Matthew Joash

Chief Justice Carl B. Ingram (left) giving the oath of office to newly elected Bikinian Mayor Nishma Jamore

Ejit Island

Banjo Joel
Boaz Kilon
Jason Aitap

Kili Island

Charity Balos
Ketruth Juda
Rufina Antari
Lani Kramer
Jaja Joe
Biten Leer
Typhoon Jamore
Quincy Calep
Wilson Note
Roger Joel
Urantha Jibas
Mishimori Jamore

Honor Debrum helps prepare the food for after the ceremony

The Uliga Choir at the inauguration of the KBE local government Council

Councilwomen Charity Balos, Ketruth Juda and Lani Kramer (not pictured Rubina Attari).

Bikini Senator Tomaki Juda with RMI President Christopher Loeak and First Lady Anono

Bikini Senator Tomaki Juda makes his remarks

Mayor and Council on stage for swearing in

Mayor Nishma Jamore being sworn in by Chief Justice Carl B. Ingram

RMI President Christopher Loeak makes his remarks at the ceremony

Councilmen Urantha Jibas, Wilson Note and Mishimore Jamore swearing in.


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